Snowfer Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How easy is it to learn Snowfer?
  2. Where can I sail the Snowfer?
  3. Do I need to learn Windsurfing first?
  4. How much wind do I need to make the Snowfer go?
  5. What is the age category for Snowfering?
  6. Do I need special clothing or protective gears when Snowfering?
  7. How do you compare Snowfering to Windsurfing?
  8. Does cold temperature affect my Windsurfing sails?
  9. Is it not too cold to be sailing in the winter time?
  10. Is Snowfering more expensive than other speed related winter sports?
  11. What is the life expectation of a Snowfer?
  12. What kind of mast base connection do I need to connect my windsurfing rigs to the Snowfer?
  13. Where can I try the board, rent one or take a lesson?
  14. Do I need to take lessons or can I figure out on my own how to operate the Snowfer?
  15. What is the difference between entry level and pro level on Snowfer boards?
  16. What are the difference between the 3 models of Snowfer?
  17. Can I do jumps with the Snowfer?
  18. Does the Snowfer spin out?
  19. How fast can the Snowfer go?
  20. Can I sail the Snowfer on the water?
  21. What happens when someone falls on snow or ice, is it risky?
  22. Where can I purchase a Snowfer board?
  23. Can I return my Snowfer board and get my money back if for some reason I'm not happy
    when I receive the board?
  24. Can I have a reference from people who have purchased your boards from the Internet?
  25. Do I need to purchase the extra blades when sailing on snow covered fields, mountain, etc.?
  26. I'm not a Windsurfer, for start-up do you sell the complete unit that I require?
  27. How long will it take to receive the board once I've placed my order?
  28. How many hours on an average winter can you sail the Snowfer?
  29. What are the limitations of Snowfer?
  30. What are the benefits for starting up with Snowfer?

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