Snowfer Owner's Testimonial

The following responses are only a few of the many we have received worldwide.


From Dave Haugen of Minneapolis, MN, USA, January 9, 2001 e-mailed "Hi Charles, Just want you to know that I finally got to sail my new KC4 Snowfer last friday here in Minneapolis, and it was fantastic. It's the most fun I've had in years. The wind was blowing 15-25 MPH, temp. 20F, snow was 20-24 inches with partial hard-pack, and water spots beneath the snow. I was on my 4.7 M sail. After a few crashes, I got the hang of it. I was literally flying across Lake Calhoune. Going as fast as I wanted to go. I could sail right from the parking lot, up over the snowbank, across the beach, down the hill, then over the entire lake at incredible speed. I was the only one on the lake and had a smile bigger than ever. To say the least, "It has put the fun back into winter". The handling characteristics were perfect, very stable, smooth and I was impressed by how it plane over the slushy spots, effortless, no drag or slip. I've been windsurfing since 1978 and over the years have tried unsuccessfully, various other winter boards that claim to work well on snow and ice. None of them come close to what the KC4 does. It out performs anything I've ever tried. This has been the BEST investment I've ever made. I wish I would have learned about your board earlier in life. You have definitely done the research and design and have one of the finest product on the market today. I absolutely "LOVE IT 100 %."

Tokyo, Japan

From the editor of Hi-Wind magazine in Japan, February 28, 1997 by Mr. Kenji Tanaka said "I have news for you, I like to inform you. The other day, I received a letter from a magazine reader who bought Snowfers from you. In winter they can't do windsurfing, too cold so far. But they read article about Snowfer on our magazine. They got in touch with you and bought it from you.
"WOW, It feels like windsurfing !" We can do windsurfing all through the year !
" They express deep appreciation to your work."

Stockholm, Sweden

From Leif Ostlund of Stockholm, Sweden, Febraury 2, 1997 e-mailed us "Hello Charles, I have now been sailing the Snowfer one day last weekend, and one day this weekend. I must say that the Snowfer fulfills all my expectations. To sail the Snowfer is much more similar to sail a windsurfing board than another ice-surfer I tested a few weeks ago (two downhill skis on a platform). A few of my friends have also tested the Snowfer and they like it too. I have not yet been sailing at top speed but the Snowfer feels very fast and stable.


From Joel Schneider of Flint, Michigan, USA, February 17, 1997 e-mailed us "Hello Charles, I tried the Snowfer this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday and all I can say is"WOW !" I am going to try it again soon as I can sneak out of work today.

Greifenberg, Germany

From Stefan Habermann of Greifenberg, Germany wrote a letter on May 9, 1997, "The video has already arrived.
Its great ! I haven't seen anything as good on ice and snow as your Snowfer before.

Boston, USA

From Randy Hart of Boston, Massachusetts e-mailed us on January 2, 1997 "Charles, after watching the tape numerous times it appears as though you have succeeded in the design and manufacturing of a versatile snow/ice sailing phenomenon. It appears from the tape that the Snowfer is an ideal board for novice and expert windsurfers to use during the winter months. It is exciting for me to see this technology realizing that windsurfing can now be considered a "year" round sport.

Mragowo, Poland

National Television interview with Andrzej Piasecki of the Polish Olympic Sailing Team Coach said at the 1997 World Ice/Snow Sailing Open Class Championship in Canada " We would like to recommend to the Olympic committee the One Design Class, at this moment the best construction in the world is Snowfer. Its good on ice and snow at any condition. "

Frankfurt, Germany

From Udo Fritze emailed us on November 19, 1997. Hello Charles, How are things? What's up with your boards? The KC 3X Pro Race made me feel like one of the most satisfied person in the whole world. Last year, I found myself involved in a serious discussion about the performance of the Snowfer. The CHAMP of the Berlin Muggelsee, told me, that it never happened before that someone was faster than he. Except me (...with your fantastic board).
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