Snowfer KC5


     For Windsurfing on Snow and Ice

No more confusion which Snowfer model you should purchase. Snowfer Inc. will make it easier for you. After a long consideration, we have decided that one board that gives the best overall performance at an all-around condition from beginners to pro level is all we need. The only decision you need to make is if you need any optional blades or not depending on the surface condition your sailing at. We took the best design up-to-date, the Snowfer KC4 EX and make it even better. So the sixth generation of Snowfer board was born called the Snowfer KC5.

                                                  Brand New Snowfer KC5 $1,995               


Started up with a new mould that allowed us to make some major changes like re-shaping the front end of the board for smoother exceleration, gliding and easy turning on most surface condition. We rounded-up and re-enforced the upper deck, outside edge for higher impact resistance and less chance of chipping the edge.

Using a wider and easy adjustable upgraded foot-straps with stainless steel mounting. One of the greatest improvement we made is on the running surface (the most important feature of the board) by using the latest advanced technology, we achieved a higher impact resistance and smoother surface on the P-Tex base by using a double sandwich construction.

Added a non-skid surface on the front end of the board for more stable control of tacking. Exchanged the mast base connections from zinc plated to stainless steel insert.

100% money back guarantee