Always check the ice condition before you start sailing. Drill holes in the area where you are going to sail in to test ice thickness. Especially important in the beginning of the season. Make sure the ice thickness is not less than 4 inch and hard (known as black ice). Never go on the ice alone. Wear a life jacket, helmet and have an ice pick with you at all times. Ice/snow sailing & kitesurfing are a wonderful winter sport. Play it safe at all times.

Snowfer Ice Sailing



Sunday, January 30, 2011


I Love it !

This is one of those days where you could record in the books as best day ever. From the wind condition and also for the sailing condition. Sunny and wind just right for speed sailing and some high jumping.

First video started up with the light wind on a 8 m kite from 10-12 km wind. By the afternoon, the wind picked up from 15-20 km and used the 6 m kite which was suitable for jumping. With the Snowfer UniBoard we are using 5-7 m smaller kite than the same wind condition snowboarders using. There is no side cuts, the board excelerate very fast with much less resistance because only on one single edge.

Were posting 2 short videos recorded on GoPro video camera. We are getting better but still need more practice to get the most out of this camera. For more info on the Snowfer UniBoard check it from this link.  

----- Reported By  PTG.

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