Most Popular Lake for Fishing Nearby Toronto


Lake Simcoe is one of the largest lakes near Toronto to completely freeze over during the winter months. This popular location known worldwide is located just a few steps from the cottage and is well known for its trophy size fishes. Ice fishing Tournaments are held here annually as contestants fight to catch the biggest Perch, Whitefish, Lake Trout and Pike. A City of ice huts cover the lake from January to early April.  Fishing  gear, bait and ice hut rentals can be found  nearby in Jackson's Point. You can enjoy easy access from the cottage to the lake with your snowmobiles or ATV's. If the fish are not biting and the wind is blowing take a Snowfer, snow and ice sailing lessons. For more information please check out

Links for Canadian Ice Fishing Championship in Lake Simcoe


Lake Simcoe for Summer & Ice Fishing

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